People with disabilities and their companions will be able to purchase tickets for the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2022 at a reduced price (about 70% off the full price).
Concessions are reserved for the disabled with a minimum disability of 74% and the severely handicapped.
An adequate but necessarily limited number of seats are available for each session.
For each session, each disabled person may purchase a maximum of one ticket for himself and one ticket for a companion.

How to make the online purchase

STEP 1 - Registration
Registration must be done on behalf of the disabled person. For minors under 18 years of age, register in the name of the person acting on their behalf and indicate the name of the person with a disability in the field provided.
- For new users
1) Press on the "Register" button.
2) Fill in all required fields. Select "Disabled Registration" and the box for entering documentation proving the disability will appear: press on "Choose file" to select the file on your computer. Then press on the "Upload file" button to submit the documentation.
3) Complete the registration process by pressing on "Create New Profile" at the bottom of the page. A confirmation email will be sent to activate the profile: this email does not yet certify eligibility to purchase tickets reserved for the disabled.
- For users already registered
Users who are already registered to this site, and whose application for eligibility to purchase for the Disabled has already been approved, can go directly to STEP 3.

STEP 2 - Approval
The ticketing office will evaluate the submitted documentation: an email will be sent in case of both positive and negative results. Also check the Spam and Junk mail folders of your email account periodically.
If successful, the user will be enabled to purchase tickets reserved for the disabled.

STEP 3 - Purchase
1) Log in by pressing the "Login" button.
2) In the "Purchase Now" section, choose "Center Court"
3) Select one of the game sessions.
4) Choose the area in which you wish to purchase tickets.
5) In the window that opens, choose one of the two available options (remember that the accompanying person also pays for the ticket) and press "Add to Cart."
5a) If you wish to purchase the ticket for yourself and a companion, set 1 on the "Disabled with companion" line;
5b) If you wish to purchase the ticket for yourself only (thus without a companion), set 1 on the line "Differently abled without a companion."
6) To purchase tickets for other game sessions, press on the "Continue with purchases" button and repeat steps 2 to 5, otherwise press on the "Go to checkout" button.

PLEASE NOTE: The purchase is still subject to verification of the correctness of the documentation submitted and the availability of remaining seats.


Accessible Seat
without personal assistant
Central Court
Accessible Seat
with personal assistant
TUE 13 15:00 € 8,00 € 16,00
WED 14 15:00 € 23,00 € 46,00
THU 15 15:00 € 8,00 € 16,00
FRI 16 15:00 € 23,00 € 46,00
SAT 17 15:00 € 8,00 € 16,00
SUN 18 15:00 € 23,00 € 46,00